Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14th, 2014

This is my first attempt at a blog so I am going to start off with a little general information.
I am from Wisconsin and have seen a good part of the state. I love this state, but the winters 
can be really rough. This year especially. Now I'm not complaining because I know it could 
be much worse.

This state provides its residents with ever thing from hot summers to cold, cold winters. 
Spring and fall are my favorite, they give us the nicest weather and the most beautiful colors.
Wisconsin's forests put on a great show every fall with so many colors. It makes you want to
go out and go for a drive.

There are many scenic drives throughout Wisconsin. Most of which are located in rural areas
called rustic roads. There are currently 114 rustic roads, two how which are new. One located
in Oconto County in the northeast part of the state and the other is in Rusk County in the 
Northwest part of the state. 

Wisconsin is lucky enough to have three major bodies of water connected to it. Two of the 
great lakes, Michigan and Superior and the Mississippi river is to the west. Along these great
pieces of water there are roads that travel along them that have some amazing small towns.
This is where I am going to leave this first entry, from here I will start with small towns along
these water ways, from ones that I have visited to ones that I hope to visit.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first entry and if you have any suggestions of places I should talk about, please let me